Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Here you will find pictures. Lots of pictures. 99.99% of all these pictures were taken by yours truly. Most of the pictures here were either taken on the road while driving or simply taken on one of the hundreds and hundreds of adventures I have had the pleasure (and pain) to experience over the past 22 years...And you might actually find some pictures of animals or even humans! The Hi-Res feature won't really work the way it's supposed to since the original pictures have already been shrunk down but from now on, any pictures I post will have the high resolution pictures to view. So enjoy and try not to spend too much time in here. It's not good for your health.

Oh, and be sure to check out my first ever video on the Christmas 2005 page. Just thought I'd give it a shot.

Friday The 13th 2008
The Olde Homestead California Trip 2
2005 Fergus Truck Show My New Pickup Truck
Unsorted Washington Trip 2
1966 Chevelle Friday The 13th 2007
Chloe 1 Chloe 2
Laredo, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada Trip
Long Alberta - British Columbia Trip Arizona
California Colorado
Florida House Yard
Long Trip From California To Alabama Miscellenous Pictures
Motorcycle Pictures My New House
Nevada Nova Scotia
Oregon Ottawa
Driving on Ice in Texas Terragen Art
Texas Trip The Camping Trip
Tim & Char's Wedding Truck Pictures
Utah Washington
Christmas 1999 Christmas 2000
Christmas 2003 Christmas 2004
Christmas 2005