Links. Yup. That's what they are. They take you to other places on the internet. These are of special interest to me but that doesn't mean they will interest you. I just thought they might, so here they are.

  • IX Webhosting
    This is my server. So far so good. Tech support has been good and they offer quite a wide range of hosting plans for a pretty cheap price.
  • Facebook
    Find me on Facebook. Yup, I'm there.
  • St. Catharine's Weather Forecast
    View St. Catharine's weather forecast for today. Always updated.
  • MTO's Compass Cameras
    Have a real live look at the weather or the traffic all around Hamilton, Burlington, and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Wintronics Computers
    Want a super cheap place for computers, parts and accessories? There are stores all around Southern Ontario. They have everything from floppy disks to full computer upgrades at unbeatable prices.
  • Future Shop offers computer hardware, software, video, mobile audio, photography, music and movies online for shipment within Canada
  • Canadian Tire
    Canadian Tire Online. 'Nuff said.
  • Auto Trader Online!
  • MapQuest!
    Are you lost? Having trouble locating a particular address. Want to know the best way to get there? This site is great for travelers and tourists and truckers and shoppers...
  • Canada 411
    Want to find someone by just typing in their name, phone number or e-mail address? Anywhere in Canada? Check out the "Internet Directory Assistance."
  • MapsOnUs
    Here's another great site to help you find an address anywhere in the United States and then show you how to get there from you are now. Fully configurable.