My House

Some interior pictures of my new house with all brand new appliances and furniture. You'd think I just won the lottery or something. Rrrrrright. I just have a good line of credit!! And don't forget that this was taken back in 2002.

Just click on whichever picture you want to view or click on the first picture and you can go through all the pictures from there in my new easier to navigate picture viewer.

Back Yard Snow 01
Back Yard Snow 01 hi-res
Back Yard Snow 02
Back Yard Snow 02 hi-res
Bathroom hi-res
Computer Room 01
Computer Room 01 hi-res
Computer Room 02
Computer Room 02 hi-res
Dining Room
Dining Room hi-res
Front Entrance 02
Front Entrance 02 hi-res
Kitchen 01
Kitchen 01 hi-res
Kitchen 02
Kitchen 02 hi-res
Kitchen 03
Kitchen 03 hi-res
Laundry Room
Laundry Room hi-res
Living Room 00
Living Room 00 hi-res
Living Room 01
Living Room 01 hi-res
Living Room 02
Living Room 02 hi-res
Living Room 03
Living Room 03 hi-res
Living Room 04
Living Room 04 hi-res
Master Bedroom 01
Master Bedroom 01 hi-res
Master Bedroom 02
Master Bedroom 02 hi-res
Pink Room 01
Pink Room 01 hi-res
Pink Room 02
Pink Room 02 hi-res
Pink Room 03
Pink Room 03 hi-res
Sleeping Kitty
Sleeping Kitty hi-res
Snow at Xmas 02 01
Snow at Xmas 02 01 hi-res
Snow at Xmas 02 02
Snow at Xmas 02 02 hi-res
Snow at Xmas 02 03
Snow at Xmas 02 03 hi-res
Snow at Xmas 02 04
Snow at Xmas 02 04 hi-res
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